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Rental Cycle Terms of Use

These Terms of Use sets forth the terms and conditions to be complied with by the users of the rental cycle service operated by Realize Mobile Communications Corp. and Archi M's Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “We” or “the Companies”). All users must agree to the Terms of Use to use a rental cycle.

1. Application for Use

Users can apply for use on the touch panel of a checkout post installed in an unattended site (station) or via a website operated by the Companies, etc., as well as with an app (for iPnone and Android).
When renting a bicycle, you are required to use a credit card(or an IC card at an unattended site as described later)and enter a telephone number.
We accept the following IC and credit cards:

  • IC cards
    PiTaPa(*Maximum limit of 10,000 yen)
  • Credit cards
    VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, AMERICAN EXPRESS(*As a general rule, one-time payment only)

(*IC cards can only be accepted when renting a bicycle at an unattended site (station).
We handle the personal information on users that we have obtained for the purpose of proceeding with our rental procedures in a proper manner in accordance with “Handling of Personal Information” as set forth separately.
A qualified user shall own any of the above IC or credit cards and be a junior high school student or older, and it is also required that there is no safety concerns about his/her use of a bicycle.
If a user should have violated our Terms of Use in past use or we have determined that the use is inappropriate, we may refuse such use.

2. Charges
A rental fee is 1,000 yen per day. An overdue fee of 1,000 yen (inclusive of tax) is charged per day.
For advance reservation or delivery, a shipping fee of 500 yen (inclusive of tax) is charged additionally.
A user shall pay a minimum charge when renting a bicycle, and will pay for any extra use when returning the bicycle.
The amount of the user's rental charge is presented when the user returns the bicycle. The receipt of the rental charge is available on the app, via email, etc. If the user used an IC card when applying for a bicycle and the excess over the amount he/she initially paid is 10,000 yen or over (inclusive of tax), beyond the amount handled by the Checkout Post, the user is required to pay the excess in cash at a sales office specified separately by the Companies.
3. Period of Use
The maximum period of use is 24 hours, provided, however, that the rented bicycles shall be returned by 24:00 of the current day.
Pre-booking is available for rental bicycles 24 hours a day and for delivery until 18:00 of the prior day. At unattended sites, pre-booking is available from 8:00 through 20:00. Bicycles can be returned at bike stations 24 hours a day, except maintenance hours. Users should check the available hours, which may change depending on the bike station (drop-off point) each time they rent bicycles.
4. Terms of Use
A user shall be obligated to manage a bicycle(s) that his/her uses, from receipt to return thereof.
A user may rent up to four bicycles.
We may suspend the provision of rental bicycles without advance notice in the case of safety inspection such as maintenance or force majeure force including natural disasters and communication line failures.
Although we have a sufficient number of bicycles for many people to use, we may not rent out one depending on the availability of our bicycles to rent out. In addition, regarding pre-booking and delivery, we may not deliver bicycles on the day and during the hours as you requested.
As a general rule, pre-booking and delivery cannot be canceled. In case of cancellation, the user may be charged rental and delivery fees as a cancellation fee.
For delivery, arrival time is a target, and subject to change depending on the traffic and congestion. We neither accept cancellation nor refund rental fees due to any delay in arrival.
If a transportation vehicle cannot be parked at the delivery destination or parking is difficult due to the traffic, we may refuse the delivery request or ask to change the delivery destination to a place where the vehicle can be parked.
5. Return
Users shall return the bicycles that they rented to any Station or a specified location during the current day.
Users shall ensure that they have returned a light, basket, key, etc. along with a bicycle itself.
We do not take responsibility for anything other than rental articles left in the basket, etc. of returned bicycles.
When returning his/her rented bicycle, if the user finds no port available due to brokerage or no vacancy, the user should return it at a different Bike Station if there is no port available due to breakage or full occupancy. When you return a bicycle at a parking lot or specified location, please be sure to use our specified website or app to proceed with the return procedures.
Bicycles rented from unattended sites (Stations) can only be returned to unattended sites (Stations), and cannot be returned at specified locations such as parking lots.
Even if the duration of use has been extended by any of the following reasons when the user returns his/her rented bicycle, we do not refund the charge.
1. For the convenience of the user
2. Due to port breakage or no port vacancy
3. Force majeure such as a natural disaster or communication line failure
4. Safety inspection such as maintenance
When returning a bicycle, the user needs to use the IC card or credit card that he/she used when renting it. The return of a bicycle cannot be accepted with a different IC card or credit card.
If a bicycle has not been returned, we may contact the user by telephone or any other means.
If we determines that the user is maliciously failing to return a bicycle, as a bicycle has remained unreturned for a long period of time without any communication from him/her, we may file a damage report to the police. Additionally, we may charge an excess charge and a penalty of 50,000 yen (inclusive of tax) in addition of a usage fee, payable to our designated sales office.
6. Breakage and damage of bicycles
Before using a bicycle, users must ensure that there are no failures or faults on the bicycle and its accessories including the key. In case a user finds any abnormality or fault of the bicycle before using it, he/she should contact us immediately and return the bicycle, and cancel your usage at a rental station, or the website and application that we operate.
If a bicycle should break down while in use, the user must stop riding it immediately and contact us, and then return your bicycle at any station and pay the usage fee.
If the bicycle breakdown is attributed to the user, the repair fee shall be borne by the user.
If the irreparable damage to the bicycle is attributed to the user, the cost of the said bicycle shall be borne by the user.
If a bicycle breakdown or irreparable damage, attributed to the user, occurs at a great distance, resulting in any cost to retrieve it, the cost shall also be borne by the user.
Under no circumstances shall we pay repair fees if the user has the bicycle repaired at his/her own discretion without obtaining approval from us in advance.
We shall have no liability for any damage to the user or any third party caused by the breakdown of a bicycle.
7. Bicycle theft and loss
When a user leaves his/her rented bicycle while in use or returns it to a designated location, the user must lock it so as not to have it stolen.
If a user has had the bicycle stolen or lost it during the rental period, the user must report it to the police and so notify us.
If the theft or loss of a bicycle is attributed to the user leaving it unlocked, we may charge the user a penalty of 50,000 yen, which will not be refunded once received even if the bicycle is returned.
8. Injuries and accidents
We shall not be liable for any injury suffered by users during the period of use.
In the event of accident during the period of use, the user must report it to the police immediately and take any other action as stipulated by law, and also report it to us without fail.
We shall not be liable for any accident, etc. resulting in the need for an arrangement or consultation, for which the user shall be liable.
We shall not be liable for any damage done to third parties by the user, any accidents by third parties, or any damage to the user by theft, etc. in the period of use.
Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, in cases where we suffer any damage, including the case where we are forced to pay damages to third parties, we may claim the damages from the user.
9. Accessory loss and damage
In the event of loss or damage of bicycle accessories, the replacement cost shall be borne by the user.
10. Prohibited matters
Users shall not engage in the following acts:
1. Drunk/reckless riding, any other acts in violation of traffic rules
2. Use in dangerous or inappropriate places
3. Parking in non-parking areas or areas where the passing of pedestrians and bicycles would be blocked
4. Change to the current condition such as modification of a bicycle or its accessories
5. Continuous ride after the user has found any abnormality with the relevant bicycle while riding it
6. Having the bicycle used by a third party other than the applicant
7. Acts that do not suit the purpose of use, including transfer and pledge of bicycles
8. Use offensive to public order and morals
11. Violation of the Terms of Use
If a user should violate any of the Terms of Use, we require the user to decease his/her use, whether of nor in the period of use, and return the bicycle immediately.
In the event of the suspension of use, we will refund no part of the charges received by us.
If we or any third party should suffer any damage due to the violation of the Terms of Use, we may claim such damages from the use.
12. Removal and storage of illegally parked bicycles
In case a bicycle was parked in a non-parking area and, as a result, removed and stored, all the cost to retrieve it shall be borne by the user.
13. Revision of the Terms of Use
The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice.

Representation under the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

  • Seller
    Realize Mobile Communications Corp.
  • Seller's representative
    Masato Sakatani
  • Location
    Kowa Roppongi Bldg. 2-4-5, Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032
  • Contact
    Telephone: 03-5549-1350
  • Seller
    Archi M's Co.,Ltd
  • Seller's representative
    Masaaki Murata
  • Location
    449-1 Tatsuikecyo, Ryogaemachidori Oike Agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • Contact
    Telephone: 075-241-2227
  • Selling price
    A rental fee is 1,000 yen per day
  • A rental
    fee but
    selling price
    Deliver charge 500 yen and fee business entities decree
  • Terms of
    and time
    Terms of payment and time business entities decree
  • Time of deliver
    Immediately after you applicate
  • Cancel / Return
    It may happen the cancellastion fee.Return is not allowed
  • Special terms